Real Estate

Let KSM help you with all your real estate needs

Purchase and Sale:

The Real Estate practice of the Firm includes assistance in the purchase and sale of real estate, both residential and commercial.

The law firm also handles assistance in the purchase in sale of property creating promissory notes, deeds of trust, and liens and other liens on real estate and escrow closings of the purchase of real estate. Execution of purchase and sales agreement is a major event, the terms in that agreement are generally a binding contract and your ability to enforce or to get release from this agreement is determined by the terms of the agreement.  The parties need to understand what they are signing before they sign because it is very difficult to change it after it is executed. Also any problems involving the properties such as encroaching buildings or encroaching neighbors, or understanding the implication of different type of deeds for transfer of property such as quit claim deed or statutory warranty deed.

Landlord and Tenant:

We provided assistance in leasing property both from the aspect of Lessor and the lessee, residential and commercial. We will assist in either reviewing leases or preparing leases and will assist with unlawful detainer actions either for the landlord or tenant. damage to real estate, questions of adverse possession, problems related to the title of real estate, creation of condominiums and related ownership issues.
Real estate matters are billed on an hourly basis with the exceptions of escrow purchase of sales where fees are based on schedule

Other issues:  

We have experience in a variety of other issues relating to real estate, such as adverse possession, easements, boundary disputes, foreclosures, quiet title actions and contract disputes.  

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