Regardless of whether you plan to have or already have an existing business, we can assist you with establishing a solid legal framework and address a broad range of complex legal and transactional problems, including disputes. We offer the following services:

  1. Entity formation: C-corporation (profit or non-profit), Limited Liability Company ("LLC"), S-corporation, Limited Partnership and other business structures. If you are doing business without shielding yourself and your family from personal liability, you are jeopardizing the welfare of your family. Also, there are situations when you may think that you have shielded yourself from the personal liability when this may not be the case. Further, if you are using the C-corporation and subjecting yourself to another level of taxation without fully utilizing the benefits of C-corporation, you may be wasting money. We can help you!
  2. Drafting and reviewing relevant agreements: shareholder, sale & purchase, non-compete and others.  
  3. Asset Protection: we offer various business vehicles (including trusts and LLCs) to protect your family, you and your business.
  4. Business succession: transferring your family business to your children.  For example, we will help you to retain the needed control if necessary while transferring the ownership of assets to others.